The News is Out!

Starting 2021 off with a bang and the begining of one of my biggest goals of the year... I now have my own PODCAST!

I have been wanting to release a podcast for the longest time ever but never thought that anyone would actually listen to me sat in my bedroom recording myself talk.

But, I bit the bullet, felt the fear & did it anyway!

The Self Growth Guide Podcast is simply an extension of my website and blog. I wanted to give people different ways to understand manifesting, law of attraction and vibrational energy because I benefit massively from different formats of learning.

I actually announced it last night over on my Instagram @HollyWootton and the brand new @Selfgrowthguidepod Instagram and the response was absolutely insane. I thought about it every single day about how the response would be and I only thought positive thoughts.

30 minutes before the podcast was supposed to be released, I actually almost backed out completely from releasing it because I thought it was too good to be true & maybe I wasn't going to get the response that I had initially thought.

It just goes to show... do it anyway!

it is now streaming over on Spotify, Anchor and Apple podcasts so please let me know what you think, subscribe & leave a would mean the absolute world to me!

Thank you to everybody that has continued to message me and give me the inspiration to keep going & go the extra step to creating a podcast.

I love you lots & stay safe

Holly x

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