The basics of manifestation and vibrational energy

So it's all well and good for me to sit here and tell you that i've manifested all this into my life but it's completely meaningless if you're not actually sure what manifesting means or what it entails.

So, let me start with my personal definition of what manifesting is:

'Everything you think, feel or act, will attract itself towards your life. Positive or negative.'

For example:

If I am constantly thinking about a dead end job, being on minimum wage and not seeing any progression in life... then that is exactly what I am going to receive.

Simple, right?

Let's go a bit deeper into why this actually happens.

Every heard of good and bad vibes?

This literally comes from 'vibrational energy' which is the fact that every single thing on this planet is constantly vibrating and attracting it's frequency back to it.

Some things are vibrating at a high energy whilst some are low.

Objects, people and thoughts are vibrating on their own frequency.

Whatever frequency that you are vibrating on is what you are going to receive back to yourself.

Example continued:

The reason I am going to only get that life of a dead end job, no progression and minimum wage back to myself is because my thoughts are vibrating at a frequency that is believing that this is all I deserve.

I am telling myself that this is all I am worthy of and therefore treating myself exactly that way.

In order to change your thoughts to a higher vibrational energy, we can:

- Eat foods with high vibrations e.g. Non processed foods, fruit, veg, nuts, rice

- Become conscious of our thoughts

- Meditate

- Practise self love

- Drink water

When we start to vibrate at a higher frequency, our thoughts feel happier, more conscious and start tell us that you can do exactly what you desire. It seems easier to reach and get to your dream goals because you are now vibrating on a frequency that your goals are on.

Final example:

I switched my mindset, started recognising what it was helping me to vibrate at a higher energy. I started to realise that I can achieve my goal of leaving my job and doing well for myself and I will.

Once you start to believe, feel and act at a high frequency then this is what you are attracting into your life because you are now on the same frequency as your goals.

If visuals are more you thing then have a look at the vibrational energy chart that I got from

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