Self Growth books that changed my life!

When I first started talking about my manifestation journey over on my Instagram, I had so many messages asking me what books I would recommend to people who are just starting out in manifestation or who want to expand their self growth knowledge.

Not all these books listed will be to do with manifestation... it's all about self growth and you have to start this before you can expect to know what you want to start manifesting into your life.

1) Good Vibes, Good Life by Vex King

This book changed everything for me. When I came back from my travels at the end of 2019 I got this book straight away because The Universe was literally calling me to this book.

This book covers so many aspects of self growth, facing your pain and law of attraction. I urge anybody to read this book, if you haven't already . Vex King is the most incredible author and explains certain aspects clearly and is so motivational!

"Some friends will want you to do well, but not too well. It's important that we don't settle for these mediocre friendships either, as they fill our lives with negative energy." Vex King, Good Vibes, Good Life

2) Calm, Fearne Cotton

I felt so, as the book says, 'Calm' whilst reading this! I think it helped that I knew Fearne Cotton and her voice so it really brought the book to life for me & helped me personally engage with it a lot better! Theres little mind and self growth activities throughout & it focuses on finding inner peace and what works for you.

3) The Secret, Rhonda Bryne

Now, I feel quite ashamed of myself to say that I have never actually read 'The Secret'. Sounds like fraud behaviour from somebody who claims to understand manifesting. BUT I have watched the film, listened to interviews and read many extracts from 'The Secret' so I know it's a good one & I guess I don't feel too bad to say that, having not read the whole book. However, because it's an older book, it doesn't massively appeal to me, I do prefer Vex King of Fearne Cotton... people who I can relate to a lot easier. The Secret might really be your book though so don't go straight off what i'm saying.

4) Miss Money Bags, Michelle Stonhill

This is my current read and oh my goodness is it a good one. It's all about attracting money into your life and changing your mind set about finances and looking at money as 'abundant' rather than a limited source. I've almost read the whole book and I started it last Thursday!

Michelle writes in a 'no bullshit' tone & it is great! If you feel like you need a kick up the arse, read this book... it is about to change my life, I can feel it!

If you read any of these let me know! I could literally sit and talk for hours about all of this kind of stuff.

Look after yourself x

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