My Vision Mirror

The moment I saw this idea from @EllaRingrose I knew I had to jump on it!

I absolutely love visual things, I process information a lot better through seeing it and writing it down. So, if you're the same then this idea might just be for you too!

The 'vision mirror', as I am going to call it, is a way of visualising your goals and reminding yourself of them every day. You can do this with anything but I chose a mirror because it's something I look at a lot more than something like a piece of paper.

I bought some liquid chalk pens, I found them in Asda for around £2, they can be washed off surfaces with some cleaning spray and a cloth. I'm sure it would work with whiteboard pens too but I just thought these pens were nice.

The idea of the vision mirror is to write down your goals, short term or long term. I chose short term because I like to see the small steps I need to take towards my bigger goals.

Reminding yourself of your goals each day helps you to remember your purpose and direction. This keeps your vibrations high, in return, helps you to achieve your goals It's important to have your goals written down somewhere that you will see them often.

I wrote 5 monthly goals for December and 3 different affirmations on the vision mirror.

It was important for me to have my affirmations on my mirror, because it can help me believe them easier if I am seeing myself whilst I read them / say them aloud.

Affirmations are the opposite of your 'limiting beliefs', you are telling yourself all the things you once thought you weren't. In turn, your mind starts to believe it. For example, one of my affirmations are: 'I am beautiful.' I once believed that I wasn't and still struggle with it now, but the more I tell myself I am, the more by mind believes it and the more confident in myself I become.

Head over to my Instagram to check out the video of me creating my 'Vision Mirror' @HollyWootton. Tag me in your recreations, I would absolutely love to see them!

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