Lets talk...Manifestation

I've believe that we have all been using the power of manifestation since the moment we were born... Crazy, right? For the majority of my life, without realising I have been inviting things into my life, good or bad. I believe it has made me get to where I am today.

At the age of 19 I started to hear about manifesting things into your life & honestly I just ignored it, thought it was a load of shit. Until, I managed to afford to go travelling South East Asia for 6 whole months at the age of 19 with not a lot of savings at all...

To cut a long story short I remember calling my mum in the airport waiting for my flight really stressed out because I had half of what I was meant to actually have to afford this trip. I had £2,800 in my savings that I was going to make last 6 months, when really, I needed £6,000.

Anyway, we got half way into the trip and we were in Singapore. Just to note: Singapore has recently been titled the most expensive city to live in the world... I had £12.50 left in my bank account and I needed to afford a flight out of there and continue the next 3 months we had left, on £12.50?

However, I kept telling my boyfriend just to wait, I had the weirdest feeling that I was going to receive a big sum of money very soon, and, I did!

On our last day of being in Singapore, no fights booked, I got a call from my boyfriends family saying I had a letter just arrived and that I have been given a £1,700 tax refund from the government. Coincidence? I'm not sure, I still think that somebody was helping me, maybe the Universe? That managed to fund me for the rest of my trip which was an absolute blessing & it also taught me I need to save a lot more for things and not be stupid with my money! Lesson learned.

Anyway, ever since that day I have had the most trust in The Universe. I know that everything happens for a reason and that I am where I am because this is where I am meant to be.

Since then, I have manifested so much into my life. My job, my financial situation and even things that aren't so positive. My most recent part of my life that I have manifested is the apartment that I have just moved into! I have wanted to live here for around 2 years now and we tried to get 3 different apartments before we managed to get our perfect little home that we are in now and it was all worth it!

I really wanted this to be my first website blog post as manifesting is going to be the majority of my content along with things like: Meditation, law of attraction, vibrational energy and intuition!

I am so excited for the launch of my new website. This is going to be the hub of all of my content and lots of amazing features coming your way in the next coming months... keep your eyes out & thank you for visiting.

Look after yourself x

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