Feeling like you're 'stuck' in life

I'm pretty sure we all know this feeling, your life can feel on repeat and especially at times like this!

It can have a huge affect on your mental health and relationships around you.

In episode 6, we talk all about ways to help you through this phase of feeling frustration and anger towards, what seems like, every day being repetitive.

Take some time to listen to your feelings and understand why / what is the factor to this repetitiveness?

What can you do to change it?

For example, I went through this around a year ago and my reason was that I had just found myself in a routine that I had created for myself.

I didn't quite recognise at first that it was me who had got myself in this routine and instead I would blame those around me for feeling this way.

The moment I started to branch out and alter parts of my day is the moment I realised that I am in control of all of these feelings and only I have the power to change this!

Hope you enjoy episode where we talk a lot more in depth about all of these feelings and speak abut the poll results to see how others are feeling too!

Stay safe & Happy valentines babes xx

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